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Threats to DNS Are Threats to Your Business. What You Can Do

DNS is a foundational part of the internet, and its hierarchal structure is well known and understood. However, DNS is much more than a single point product/set of products.
DNS touches upon a myriad of other technologies that are critical to operating your business. There are many interconnected operations within the address resolution process, and bad actors can inject themselves at various stages, making the definitions of discrete attack types unclear. It is often more useful to consider the attacker's end goal, as opposed to looking at threats to DNS by named attack types, to clarify issues and avoid confusion. Threats to DNS are threats to your business.
Primary categories of DNS attacks include:
While protecting your DNS does take some effort, the benefits that can be delivered by a well-implemented system are enormous. DNS can ensure that your users get the fastest response possible, without having to change your network or infrastructure.
This paper explains how simple steps can make your DNS a positive business tool while at the same time eliminating some very real risks.

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