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Eight Critical Practice Areas That Drive Multi-Cloud Use Maturity

Published by: VMware

While most organizations are already using two or more clouds, most teams within the larger organization are still focused on using primarily one cloud. However, as these teams become more strategic in their use of the cloud, increasingly, they are finding that they need to build, operate and manage apps across more than one cloud.
Looking to the future, everyone is beginning to see that a model where each team member works on only one cloud is unsustainable. As a result, organizations are beginning to seek ways to leverage the skills and capabilities of both app dev and IT Ops professionals across multiple clouds.
But what are the capabilities that will be required to be successful in this future state? To help organizations identify what's needed, VMware created a framework that can help organizations assess their capabilities and maturity across eight critical areas.
Taken together, these 8 major practice areas represent the set of practices that most organizations will need to master in order to excel at multi-cloud use. In exploring each of these areas, we look at why each area is important, the underlying activities or practices that make up the area, and strategies for increasing maturity in each major area.

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