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Speed of Change: How Fast Are You?

Published by: OutSystems

Is your business changing fast enough? Find our more about E-Level Cloud Services, LLC can help you prepare and adapt to change.
Speed and agility are just as critical in 2021 as they were in 2020, perhaps even more so as the lockdown and shocks to the economy caused by the pandemic are still playing out.
Are you set to adapt faster than ever? How will you compete in a marketplace characterized by all kinds of disruption?
Our diverse team encompasses leading experts on cloud business development, cloud services management, business and data analytics, and logistics and risk management among others. We can effectively asses and solve a wide array of challenges where our clients are able to leverage the knowledge and experience of both our team members as well as our holding company LanusTech.
Last year, 2,200 IT professionals and senior IT leaders participated in a survey and shared:
The most shocking result? Only 21% of people feel like they can beat their peers and competitors in speed and agility.
These and other answers to the survey became a report that offers insights into which organizations are leading the race in speed and adaptability in an era of digital urgency.
Download 'The Speed of Change: How Fast Are You?' to learn more about those who lead and those who don't. You'll also find out if you are a leader, and get tips on what to do if you are not.

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